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Homecare provided by qualified practitioners
within a culture of respect and dignity

We are a home care agency based in Inverclyde. Our small team of qualified and experienced practitioners are dedicated to providing quality care to all individuals with varying needs. We believe everyone deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, discretion and genuineness. Our main priority is to ensure individuals are supported by our staff to live their lives with as much independence as possible. There is nothing more important to us than making sure our practice is carried out with sensitivity and respect.
From an hour or two each week to several visits daily, we cater for all levels of need which include support with bathing / showering / toileting and dressing
We are available to support you in meal preparation specific to your wishes. This can range from individual dietary requirements to personal preferences and also includes healthy eating advice.
Where your health depends on specific medication, our appropriately qualified home care staff will prompt/assist you with this at prescribed times.
In addition with assisting with shopping tasks staff can also purchase goods if required.
Support can also be offered in all domestic tasks.
If you are looking for that extra security of knowing someone is on hand to offer support during the night hours, our experienced night staff can be there for you. We offer sleepover/wakened night shift to ensure that you have the utmost peace of mind during the night.
Recreation, socialising and outings can be a very important part of life. We can offer support to ensure these activities can still be enjoyed.
Caring for a family member or a loved one can be demanding and challenging. We understand the need for carers to have a break from this commitment and we are available to offer respite care when needs arise.
Holidays are an important part of life for many people but this can be a challenge for individuals
requiring support and their carers. We are available to cater for this need as and when required.
Self Directed Support (direct payment)

Direct payment from your local authority lets you arrange some or all of your support
yourself, instead of receiving services arranged for you.
Self-Directed Support allows you to receive the support you need from a provider you have chosen, giving you flexibility; choice and personal control of your care.

Private Care Support

For more information please contact Renfrew Quality Health Care.
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